Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

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Re: Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

While the megapixels increase by 42% with the A7RIV, the horizontal size of the resolution only increased by 20%. And that is how I perceive resolution with images, there is always too little when zooming in because it's more about the size of the pixel, not the area. Or the radius of the pixel.

Details aren't captured by more area, it's captured by more subdivisions.

So you can look at that 61MP and say "oh only a modest perceived gain for a lot of memory and bandwidth requirements it's not worth it" or you can say "oh such a modest perceived gain we need even more megapixels!". But the numbers only look that great because they grow with the square of the "real resolution".

I'm also don't like the bayer filter. Obviously it works ok but imagine watching a desktop screen like that. These technical limitations have to determine what kind of scenes looks good and what scenes don't so they also have to limit creative freedom in a small way. So technically 40MP is just the minimum you need to produce a perfect image on a 4k screen, and 60MP is just a 20% increase to allow some modest cropping.

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