Photo Printers that work well with Pentax DSLRs?

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Re: Photo Printers that work well with Pentax DSLRs?

Orman Hall wrote:

I have used Canon and Epson printers with great success. Personally, I like the output of the Canon printers a smidge better but the Epson printers are tops when it comes to archival quality and longevity. The HP printers produce nice prints but historically they are the lowest regarded when it comes to archival quality.

If I were producing large premium prints for sale, I would go with the Epson.

This does not square with published research findings from Aardenburg Imaging which is an authority on image permanence.  When comparing pigment prints made on the same papers from the three manufacturers, HP's Vivera inkset is significantly more archival than either Canon or Epson--we are talking an estimated 200 years vs. 70-100 years.

Epson's most recent HD inkset has extended the fade resistance because they have specifically improved the yellow inks. Canon current inkset for the 2000 shows less fade resistance than for their prior Lucia inkset. The dye-based inkset for the Pro-100 is relatively pretty good for dyes (50-70 years)--pigments are far more archival in general--but to achieve that long service you have to use Canon OEM paper. Any third-party paper made with OBAs which artificially brighten the paper, will not last relatively long because the OBAs break down and attack the image.  And just about all third-party inks, both pigment and dyes--provide terrible fade resistance. They are great for disposable prints though.


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