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tedolf wrote:

mirrorlessmahmood wrote:

Hello all. I hope you are all well.

I am new here and new to photography. I’m really interested in getting into photography and editing so I recently bought an M50 for my travels. It’s a great camera and I like the images it produces.

But some reviewers say that the images aren’t that great and it is not as good as the 250D. I did my research and think I made the right decision but wanted your opinions as you are also read world users and are more experienced than me.

The images are fine, no different than Canon's crop DSLR's.

I do plan on buying a DSLR in the future so wondered if I should have just jumped in and bought something like a Nikon D7500.

What are your thoughts and advice?

Take it back.

Canon is likely to abandon it's mirroless crop sensor cameras now that they have come out with a full frame mirrorless camera, just as Nikon did with it's CX 1" mirroless system cameras.

They never really did support it with lenses anyway. If you want a travel mirroless camera, look at the m4/3 cameras. Lots of lenses, lots of price points.

Thank you in advance


Hello. I am unable to take it back as I have opened and used the product.

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