Shutter Speed Keeps changing when with Bracketing

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Re: Shutter Speed Keeps changing when with Bracketing

Bender79ita wrote:

JP Tudor wrote:

Am on full manual with my d7200 and am using exposure bracketing with Auto ISO.

On some of my shots the shutter speed goes down a lot for some of the shots from what I set it for my 200-500 handheld. So for example, I'll 1/180 , 1/400 and the like 1/750 instead of just 1/750... What setting do I have wrong so that the shutter speed stays constant? Should I be using slower cont. shooting mode???

May i ask what's the point in iso bracketing with an iso invariant sensor?

100 iso +5 ev in post or 3200 iso is almost the same thing nowdays (unless... Canon, basicly).

You should let your shutter speed vary if you really want to get more dynamic range out of your image.

I can't let the shutter vary speed too much since I mostly take pictures of birds in flight. Need around 1/2000 or more sometimes. Often the subject is white against a very bright sky so not great to isolate and expose easily.

I use 2200 or so ISO as max although on cloudy days I have had to use 3200. But yes, agreed, I can live with the noise... I was just totally lost in why I was getting 1/320 shutters when I need min. of  1/1000 handheld with the 500mm.

Thanks all again ! Truly appreciate it.

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