23mm vs 16mm f1.4

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Re: 23mm vs 16mm f1.4

I own both lenses and enjoy them both! With that said, I use the 23mm probably 10x more often than the 16mm.

gordonkim wrote:

Question - does it make sense to get the 16 if one already owns the 23?

They are different enough that having both makes sense if you want the 16.

Will I get more utility with the 16 vs. the 23?

I doubt it, especially for street and family outings.

I'm finding that I'm doing a lot more street and family outings given the smaller size of the X-T3. However, I look a lot of landscape pics on vacation (which is where I wished I had a wider lens).

The 16 is better than the 23 when you want to go wider. If it's landscape you're after, the 10-24, 8-16, 12, or 14 are probably better. With that said, I do use the 16 for landscape shots but I don't do that much of it.

16mm (24 ff equiv) is a really fun perspective. It's as wide as I would want to go for people pictures, and even at this FL, things are getting distorted. Background becomes a real component of the pictures so it's not good for isolating a single subject on it's own -- the environment needs to be a component. It's fun because you have to really consider the composition and you can make interesting perspectives.

If you want to take pictures of people, you have to get quite close. I think it would be awkward to take a picture of a stranger where they fill the frame because of how close you'd have to get.

Here are the kinds of family pictures I take on the 16:

Notice how distorted their arms and legs are.

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