Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

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Managing blur

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Considering Moore's Law photography data in gigapixels are only a matter of time - maybe even terapixels.

There are some considerable difficulties building a lens that can provide terapixels of information -- as opposed to noise -- in a single capture. The simplest one is diffraction.

Isn't diffraction already setting in at Apertures of 5.6 or 8 in a camera like the A7R4? If that is the case what happens with all the nice landscape optics where photographers shoot at F11 and over?

There is no aperture where diffraction suddenly appears. Landscape photography is partially about managing sources of blur. Defocus blur and diffraction blur should both be considered. Some DOF apps allow that. In addition, I think that sensor blur due to the finite pixel aperture should also be considered.

I've written a tool to optimize those three things, but it's not portable.

Looking at these examples will give you a feel for what's involved. Often, the sharpest images are obtained with quite a bit of diffraction blur.


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