23mm vs 16mm f1.4

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Re: 23mm vs 16mm f1.4

Victoria Marshall wrote:

Asking anonymous people on a forum about which lens to get can be a big mistake. For the simple reason, they're not you.

I could harp on about how my 16/1.4 is the greatest lens ever (I really, really like mine!) but that's me, not you.

What you end up with, is a bunch of yes, and no answers, and a few other recommendations for things you didn't even ask about!

Sounds like that's how you ended up with the 23 -which you seem regretful about.

Rent one. If you can't do that, do more research. You'll eventually figure it out.

Your assessment is bang on and in the future I may just ask people's thoughts on a particular lens vs comparing different lenses or focal lengths.  The intended question was to determine whether I would I get more utility with a 16 vs. 23.

On my recent trip, there were incidents where I wished I had the 16. Most of the time, I was ok with the 23.

I'm not new to photography but new to Fuji.  I just want to make sure I don't end up with lenses that just sit on the shelf.  The information I'm able to gather here is very good and practical which is invaluable for me and if I have to take a haircut trading in my 23 to get the 16, I want to be certain.

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