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Re: NX500+18-200mm

otto k wrote:

There is obviously a lot of sample variation as with any consumer lens, so take this with a grain of salt. Beware that this lens has terrible borders from 100mm onwards. This one seems much better than the one I considered buying but declined after testing. That one was quite soft at 200mm even in the center and stopping down helped just a bit. Borders at 200mm were non-existent (completely blurry) to be honest, best at f/8 and acceptable (barely) halfway from the center. Up until ~70mm it was very good but I already had that covered.

OIS is much better than either 16-50pz or 50-200, fantastic even, and the AF was instant and quiet (like 45). Coupled with modest video resolution at the time (1080p) it was great for video when it came out. Might be great on NX500 in 4k due to crop too?

I agree with all the above. I use it only for holidays (1 lens solution) or when I do not want to use a better lens (when filming on boats, in the sand, e.t.c)

Touch AF works better than the S in my experience.

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