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Re: Nonlinear noise reduction

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As Jim Kasson established in a blog post a while back with some good examples, with modern nonlinear NR methods, a higher resolution sensor is better as long as you don't go to such a high resolution as to start negatively impacting fill factor.

Here's a link to a comparison with linear methods:

And here's a pointer to what happens with nonlinear NR:


Thanks that is really interesting, although I'm mostly curious about 4k video. I haven't read all of it but it seems that a 42MP A7IV could beat a 12MP A7SIII for video. Can these nonlinear noise reduction algorithms be implemented fast enough to downsample 8k video on the fly to 4k video?

There is no A7M4, and there is no mark IV anything that is 42MP...

If you're coming up with some sort of theoretical construct where the next A7 family camera gets the R2/R3 resolution - that's extremely unlikely.  But as far as 42MP downsampled to 4k - with the right hardware, probably.  With anything remotely close to Sony's current BIONZ family - no.  There seems to be a 500 MPixel/sec sustained demosaicer/scaler limit even in the R4, even if the R3 can hit much higher readout rates within a given frame.

I would think that since flagship smartphones can easily run 3D games in 1080p they should be able to run reasonably complex image algorithms on a single input image.

Would need to do some memory bandwidth analysis here.

With all this talk about computational photography I kinda wish nvidia would release a FF camera with an open OpenCL based eco system.

That would be...  Interesting. 

That is SORT OF how a recently announced camera that (I think) had some DPR coverage appeared to behave - a high-bandwidth PCI Express camera feeding an Intel NUC.  Intel's integrated GPUs aren't stellar, but I think they're probably beyond what a BIONZ can do for certain operations.

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