Photo Permits for London

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Re: Photo Permits for London

David Lowe wrote:

Perhaps I should have mentioned, I am British and I live here so I know the rules!

Many areas of Greater London may look like they are public land but they are not, eg the area around the London Eye is owned by Coca Cola and City Hall is More London.

Taking photographs is permitted in most places but not with the use of a tripod. But you can usually get a permit to use a tripod if you apply to the correct office, it was a list of the controlling offices that I was looking for.
I now have a list of all of the different offices that own/control the private areas of London should anyone be interested.

Thank you to all that have contributed to this thread.

The private landowners do not have the right to make laws over the use of tripods, so if they allow public access then you can use a tripod.  All they can do to stop you using a tripod is to ask you to leave, and as long as you are not causing any problems they are unlikely to do that.  There are a few organisations that can make bylaws, such as the national parks and national trust, but they don't have bylaws on tripods, and would find it very difficult to introduce any since the bylaws would have to be approved as reasonable by the government.  If you are carrying out your commercial business on their property then you should get permission, but for private purposes there should be no issue.

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