Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

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Re: Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

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Or maybe change direction and include large format cameras - 9x12 cm or 4x5 inch - guess we are talking 300-400 MP full frame to beat such monsters (at least based on something like 6 micron photographic film grain lumps as the basis for that kind of images).

I have a 72x96mm digital camera, but it's only 144 MP (counting each the red, green, and blue sensors individually; as I remember that's the CIPA standard).

Thank you for that piece of information - guess CIPA stand well above humble me...

I din't mean to say you were wrong. There are higher res versions. Or, rather, were, as they're not made anymore.

And anyway, I'll bet you were talking about film.

Yes - the smoking gun is "photographic film grain lumps"...

Thinking about it, I don't think that 6 um is a limit for film resolution; we certainly produced finer feature sizes than that back in the day with visible-wavelength optical lithography and contact printing for making semiconductors.


Using ordinary film under a starry sky 6 micron was about the diameter of the faintest stars to be positively identified - smaller and things became very uncertain.

Just used this as a starting point for film grain vs pixel size - have to start somewhere. The good thing is getting input and correction from there on - that is appreciated.

Litography is not strictly what ordinary photographers are into, but ok - how small is the tiniest photosite ever made (sub micron diameter)?

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