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Re: Nonlinear noise reduction

JimKasson wrote:

Entropy512 wrote:

As Jim Kasson established in a blog post a while back with some good examples, with modern nonlinear NR methods, a higher resolution sensor is better as long as you don't go to such a high resolution as to start negatively impacting fill factor.

Here's a link to a comparison with linear methods:

And here's a pointer to what happens with nonlinear NR:


Thanks that is really interesting, although I'm mostly curious about 4k video. I haven't read all of it but it seems that a 42MP A7IV could beat a 12MP A7SIII for video. Can these nonlinear noise reduction algorithms be implemented fast enough to downsample 8k video on the fly to 4k video?

I would think that since flagship smartphones can easily run 3D games in 1080p they should be able to run reasonably complex image algorithms on a single input image.

With all this talk about computational photography I kinda wish nvidia would release a FF camera with an open OpenCL based eco system.

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