Deleting orphaned raw files

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Re: Deleting orphaned raw files

Sorry for wasting your time struggeling with the 2013 version. And it was less than intuitive to run than this version (really bad I would say today!). I changed the layout a bit to make it easier to run on a touch screen, but I guess it's even better for regular use as well. I also added a setup dialog to be able to remove and add file extensions. The program name is changed to "DeleteRaw" as a more descriptive name.

The new layout for "DeleteRaw" as I now call it

You can download it from here:

The zip file contains just a folder and two files: The program file and a ini file. If you delete the ini file, the program will make a new one. No installation needed.

Hope it's working like it should, and I would of course appreciate an update how it works. For this download file, I added the ".ARW" extension to the ini file.

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