at what point does it make sense to stop obsessing over gear minutia ?

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Re: When you are satisfied with what you have

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in other words how far down the rabbit hole should you chase small improvements in gear.

will it translate to much better images if you get a lens which score 7% more on a optical test ?

I can't think of any meaningful optical test that can give scores in percentage points;

Since MTF is a number from 0 to 1, you can think of it as a percentage if you like.

It isn't a single number, it's a function -- that is, a set of numbers that you can plot on a graph.

Of course, I know that. In fact, it's a complex function and what we call MTF is just the absolute value.

But sometimes people say MTF50 (or MTF9 for Rayleigh, for example), for 50%, and they mean at the center at a particular f-stop or diffraction limited.

So now MTF is not a number from 0 to 1. What changed?

Read the above that you quoted and do so with your brain turned on this time.

All I see are conflicting statements by you.

That's because you aren't literate.

Literate? What does it take to understand two simple conflicting sentences??? Your insult is a joke and shows your desperation to deflect.

Do you care to clarify the conflict? Do you still think MTF is a number from 0 to 1? Or is it a complex function?

I'll explain it to you like you're a 4-year-old.

OTF (Optical Transfer Function) is a complex function.

MTF is the absolute value of OTF, so it's a real function.

However, many people simplify that real function to a single point and describe that single point by a fraction, decimal or percentage. For example:

"Perceived image sharpness (as distinguished from traditional lp/mm resolution) is closely related to the spatial frequency where MTF is 50% (0.5)— where contrast has dropped by half."

Just in case you are wondering if he's credible:

"Imatest LLC is a company that produces image quality testing software and offers a range of consulting services. Imatest was founded by photographer/engineer Norman Koren in Boulder, Colorado in 2004 to develop software for testing digital camera image quality."

Got it now?

Your words are just to obfuscate. Those with their brains turned on know that the "F" in MTF stands for function, which is not a number from 0 to 1.

You make a dumb statement and when called on it you go look up something and write a bunch of unrelated words and give some links to obfuscate as you just did. Your pattern is consistent.

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