at what point does it make sense to stop obsessing over gear minutia ?

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Lets be honest

(The following only applies if you live in the first world, and are curious about why we buy things we really don't need)

If we only bought things we absolutely needed, then the GDP would plummet and millions of people would be unemployed. Our economy and standard of living is based on consumption of things we don't absolutely need.

The truth is most of the stuff we buy we really don't need. We just buy things because we want them and are affluent enough to own them.

You need shelter, but you don't need a really nice place to live, complete with a two car garage, a $1,500 refrigerator with ice maker built in, central heat and air, a large flat screen TV, several computers and smartphones, an automatic dishwasher, and a washer and dryer. You also don't need 300 cable TV channels and a large collection of music and video.

You need food, but you don't need expensive meats, seafood, wine, beer, whiskey, or any produce that is out of season, and gets flown to you local supermarket from places where workers earn 40 cents an hour. You just need sufficient nutrition.

You need transportation, but you don't need a $40,000 SUV, or a sports car, or a very expensive electric Tesla so you can virtue signal your neighbors about how green you are. You just need something reliable to take you to and from work.

And cameras are no different. In fact, we don't need cameras at all. We just like having them. And once in a while we might take a nice photo. Because we enjoy doing it.

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