at what point does it make sense to stop obsessing over gear minutia ?

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Re: Only you can answer that.

techjedi wrote:


in other words how far down the rabbit hole should you chase small improvements in gear.

will it translate to much better images if you get a lens which score 7% more on a optical test ?

is it worth it to ebay gear because a new model has 60 mp - not 38 ?

these are questions that boggle the mind

For some people, gear purchases might give them the inspiration they need to regularly take photos. The performance gain may be irrelevant when considering this kind of purchase.

Some people buy things like pinhole lens cap lenses, lensbaby filters or other things that degrade the IQ, but provide them with a motivation to do more creative photography.

I think pros should buy whatever tool helps them do their job as efficiently as possible and hobbyists should buy whatever they can afford that keeps them interested in the hobby.

The last sentence sums it up concisely. I agree with it.

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