at what point does it make sense to stop obsessing over gear minutia ?

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Re: at what point does it make sense to stop obsessing over gear minutia ?

There are two considerations regarding equipment.

The first is related to the quality of image that any equipment can provide, assuming perfect use. While everyone would want the best result, the important consideration is whether the use, or implementation, is ever likely to be sufficiently good to realise the potential. In reality, 99 times out of 100, our skill falls short and removes almost all benefit of better gear.

However, that brings us to the second. Whether we like it or not, better (and more expensive!) kit will almost always perform much better in terms of enabling quick and effective use. It gets us closer to that 'perfect use'. Often that does genuinely lead to better results.

The curious anomaly is that, judging by many comments you see, people concentrate on the former aspect of better quality of image, but it is the better performance in other areas that leads to their images improving. For example, if many of their previous shots were very slightly out of focus, because they were demanding too much of their gear regarding AF speed and accuracy, they will regard the new lens as 'razor sharp' but only because it nails focus quickly.

Ultimately, though, the measure of worth comes from the observers. If they are unaware of differences, to question your own choices is pointless.

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