Photo Printers that work well with Pentax DSLRs?

Started Jul 22, 2019 | Questions thread
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Re: Photo Printers that work well with Pentax DSLRs?


There's nothing unique about the camera that makes a printer good or bad with working on images.  More important is calibrated monitors and profiles for the printers.  Honestly though, after using Epson and Canon, the cost per print was just too high and the archival results weren't good 10 years ago.  Maybe better now but I've got prints from Canon and Epson 12 years old that show significant fading.

The biggest issue I found was, the ink dries up whether I'm printing or not.  So, my cost per print was better when I was printing a lot.  When I wasn't printing a lot the ink was still drying up and I'd get less prints.

And, while printers themselves were cheap, the ink costs were not.  Since my needs have changed slightly:

I do printed photo books, less prints for albums and I've gone away from standard prints for display and done more canvas wrap, acrylic, ornaments, etc.  So, most of that I do through Bay Photo (except the books:  I'll do wedding albums through bay but the standard photo books I actually use Shutterfly and the quality is very good).

If I were still printing at home, that archival period is what I'd be most concerned with.  Photos not directly in UV light shouldn't be fading that much.

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