at what point does it make sense to stop obsessing over gear minutia ?

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It's different for everyone.

Some retired guys with enough disposable income make it a hobby to stay on the cutting edge. Why not?

Others are happy with a nice entry-level SLR & kit lens, as it is a staggering leap up in performance from a phone.

For my part, I tend to get some entry level gear and use it for a couple generations of cameras. At that point, the latest technology makes it seem worthwhile for me to upgrade.

My Example: for several years, I shot with my Pentax K100D. (APS-C SLR, 6 MP, 2-stop IBIS) Loved that camera. I upgraded to FF Nikon with OIS. Was great, but too big. Downgraded to 1" fixed lens bridge camera. (Panny FZ1000) Been using that for a coupl years and I love it; still going to keep it. It's a good mix of convenience & quality. Missed some of the specialized optics, but didn't want to go big again. Also, Olympus has done a great job of refining IBIS, to the point that it is good for 3-4 stops on their mid-grade "SLR-style" µ4/3 bodies. (a big enough technology advancement that it was worth it to upgrade) You can see from my Gear Profile that my optics are humble, speed wise, but are of good quality. Aside from the 20/1.7, I don't have anything fast, and I don't have anything exotic. I'm basically a family man with limited resources who travels once in awhile. I can't afford/justify better gear at this time, without giving up my other hobby: motorcycle sport-touring.

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