Photo Printers that work well with Pentax DSLRs?

Started Jul 22, 2019 | Questions thread
Sactojim Veteran Member • Posts: 8,072
Re: Photo Printers that work well with Pentax DSLRs?

I'm settled in on Canon after a few years with Epson. The Canon Pro 100 is a gem and inexpensive too. Max print size is 13x19 and the quality meets or surpasses what I get from a well respected online company. Need support? Canon has the best tech support with practically no wait time and you get to speak with a tech who really knows the printer inside/out. My printer is going on year 4 and never misses a beat. I bought a spare that's still new in box. I print large and can get around 45-48 13x17" prints before needing ink. Like the other poster, been there with generic ink, but Canon is the best. Check your local Craigslist as these printers can be found for sub $150 (complete with full size ink cartridges) as Canon bundled them with their DSLR's and most people don't print.  Btw, I use a Pentax K50 and mostly my Nikon D5300 and D7200 with ease of use.

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