Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

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Re: Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

Entropy512 wrote:

SilvanBromide wrote:

liopleurodon wrote:

...Noise results from the total amount of light collected. An f/2.8 lens on an FF sensor will collect X amount of light no matter how many megapixels are on that sensor.

Yes. In fact, all else being equal (which it rarely is) individual pixels will display higher levels of noise (because, the pixel density must be higher in a 61MP sensor, so each pixel receives less of the available light). I.e. the noise won't change but the received share of light per pixel will be reduced.

Scaled to the same resolution, the overall image noise may be roughly equivalent - or in the case of the Riv, Sony may have other things going on that improve noise characteristics. If so, I'm guessing the improvement will be marginal (not to diminish the importance of *any* improvement).

If you use standard linear noise reduction (aka solely downscaling with nothing else), you'll wind up with about roughly equivalent results.

Exactly. With judicious NR prior to downscaling there might be a benefit, but unless Sony has done something more than we're presently aware of, it should otherwise be about the same.

As Jim Kasson established in a blog post a while back with some good examples, with modern nonlinear NR methods, a higher resolution sensor is better as long as you don't go to such a high resolution as to start negatively impacting fill factor. So far, it seems unlikely that going to around 3.7-3.8 micron pixel pitch with BSI would be an issue here considering what Sony was able to achieve with the frontside illuminated A6300/A6400 sensor.

Agreed. The pitch difference from their high performing APS-C sensors is unlikely to have a big impact. That seems borne out by the specs they are quoting (for what they are worth - seems to indicate similar performance to the a7Riii).

(A6500 seems to perform poorly in Bill's results which is strange, this may just be a bad dataset.)

I don't know what happened there either. Might be a data issue, as you say.

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