Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

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Re: My only reason

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Cropping, cropping, and more cropping

Ultra necessary for birding

Everything else is just icing on the cake

Just curious, I am not a BIF photographer and own zero zoom lenses and the longest FL I have used was the Sigma 150-600 at the camera store parking lot. From my own personal experience and the very little I have used long lenses what I understand is that it is not easy to photograph moving objects with long lenses, but the point is this, don't you have to be extreme careful as to how you shoot anything that is moving specially with higher MP cameras?

Doesn't it get worse as you increase MP? When you crop, and crop and crop (or in general) isn't there more blurr if one doesn't know what they are doing? You make things sound very simple

As you said it the more megapx the less forgiving if shaky. Still the IBIS should be enough intelligent to understand the difference between a shake and a panning.

On that subject, it's interesting to note that a number of the longer GM zooms have two or more separate OSS modes, one of which is purportedly optimised for panning.

Presumably that's because the stabilisation can adjust better for panning actions (and differentiate them form other movement) if you tell it in advance that that's what you will be doing...

Also, shutter speed.

When I'm shooting birds or butterflies, I want a minimum shutter speed of 1/1600sec, preferably 1/2000sec or faster. I get as much or more blur from the motion of the subject as from camera shake, but if the exposure is shorter than the time it takes the bird to change position in the image or for me to twitch, then I'm likely to get a good shot (did I mention that I also have to lock on AF at the same time?).

As for more MP being less forgiving, that's absolutely correct...when viewed at 100%.  However, we can end up cropping down to more than 100%, so to get the full benefits of the RIV in crop mode, excellent technique is critical.

The following was shot from a moving vote at 1/1000sec with a pretty dark background and cropped probably to 200% from a 46MP Nikon D850. If I had it to do over again, I would have raised the ISO and shutter speed. However, the Nikon isn't the greatest high ISO camera.

Whether this shot would have been better with a 26MP APS-C or 61MP RIV in crop mode remains to be seen. I'd love to get more DR in this shot as well as more detail.  I have the 200-600mm G lens on order to use with my RIII. I hope that it does at least as well.

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