A7 + Sony 16-35 f4 (Tamron 17-28 f2.8) OR A7RII + 28mm f2 (Samyang 24 2.8). And why?

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Re: A7 + Sony 16-35 f4 (Tamron 17-28 f2.8) OR A7RII + 28mm f2 (Samyang 24 2.8). And why?

golfhov wrote:

zalmanium wrote:

So right now both opinions go to the A7RII + 28mm f2.

It's just a LOT of people greatly prefer the r2. That said.

What exact improvements do you expect?

How do you feel about the current AF and IQ of your a6000?

I honestly don't know. I feel the a6000 is really good but I am sometimes missing this premium feel, the feeling it could be better with a better camera. Maybe it's also the urge to try something new. I am missing this little something in my pictures lately, maybe I just blame the camera for it.

Problem is that the wide angle option on full frame costs an arm and a leg (compared to a6000 10-18) :/

Don't know the retail of that one now. $800. It just is what it is. If the lenses you want costs too much maybe staying apsc is a better choice for you.

You are actually lucky that you COULD use your 10-18 on either body and still cover a lot of the frame. Better than an APSC crop. BUT it isn't ideal. Vignetting and corrections are a problem.

Now for UWA zoom options you could look at the Tamron 17-28 ($900) or a used copy of the 16-35 4.

Skip the laowa 10-18. Having to enter the corrections manually would be annoying and the reviews aren't stellar

Or am I looking at it wrong?

I think you are looking at it right..I don't know where you want to be in the future BUT I would guess adding a $1000 zoom down the road would come faster than adding/swapping for a $1500-2000 body. Although in theory the prices on the bodies will fall faster than the lenses........

We could both be wrong. Maybe the a7ii would be "good enough". The low light AF frustrated me the most. Outside that maybe you could tolerate other things......

Buying the A7RII without the 16-35 seems pointless in regards with the a600 10-18 combo I have right now. The ideal combo is indeed A7RII/16-35 but at 2000$ I don't know if it will blow my a6000/10-18 out of the water (especially for more then double the price).

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