at what point does it make sense to stop obsessing over gear minutia ?

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Re: at what point does it make sense to stop obsessing over gear minutia ?


in other words how far down the rabbit hole should you chase small improvements in gear.

will it translate to much better images if you get a lens which score 7% more on a optical test ?

is it worth it to ebay gear because a new model has 60 mp - not 38 ?

these are questions that boggle the mind

I think you missed the point long time ago with more than 3000 posts on site which discusses mostly gear and other technical aspect of photography.

It's a question of money, how much are you willing to spend on your gear? How much do you want vs how much you really need? The law of diminishing returns kicks quite early. You can do most of photography with $500, be it basic ILC kit or 1 inch type sensor compact. Anything else beyond that and you pay a lot for little improvements and more ability to capture subjects in smaller and smaller genres.

Of course the top spec gear has a place. 100 MP sensors have a number of uses. If only for documenting our world to preserve for future viewing where the displays will be large and high resolution, if not fully 3D. See how well aged large format photos vs small ones taken by simple box cameras or later film compacts. But that requires deliberate planning rather than casual street snapshots.

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