Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

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no - you must obey the cheaper and easier to manage smaller files from a low res body ;-)

Jonas Palm wrote:

As in, not trying to justify it through some need, but simply enjoying what it provides in an image?

The overwhelming majority of my images these days lead a completely digital life. I can wiew them as I like, zoom in on that travelling city scape, check out the fabrics of that traditional japanese wedding dress, the adornements of the notre dame, the insane load of stuff on la sagrada familia, the broche of my elderly mother, and the peculiar colour of her eyes inherited by myself and my daughters.

There is just so much information, so much to see and find.

And I like the pictorial effect when you look at an image and there is more, there is no perceptible limit, the image invites you in, to get closer, and when you do, you get rewarded by even more, pulling you in.

The feeling that you are looking through a clear window into another place and time, rather than a painting of it.

I don’t need it. But I enjoy it.

seriously - you're too much enjoying the potential benefit of a higher resolving camera.

It is more complicated to manage the files and/or to handle the larger image files.

In case you want to do that the only way moving forward is medium format all 16 bit workflow - everything else is heresy to use a 1.2x smaller sensor with only 14 bit image output at a much lower price point and larger high quality lens selection.

The funny thing is that the same people that complained about the current 42 MP sensor will praise an all new lower res 30 .. 39 MP sensor in an upcoming A7 IV for it's lower resolution

This is a moving target - the highest resolving sensor at any given time is bad but the next sensor following it will be perfect.

I am seeing this behavior for the past 20 years in digital photography and it has always been the same.

Even though I can't afford at present a McLaren 720S I am clearly understanding the benefits it would give me and I don't go to McLaren forums to tell everybody that the 570 base model is a better catch. In fact my sports car has roughly half the horse power and similar weight but gives lots of fun and is affordable but I'd love to own a 720S or even better a Huracán RWD.

I clearly adore these cars without arguing that I don't need that power - in fact I don't need the power of my sports car to start with

Same applies to cameras - I could still be quite happy with my 2008 Canon 5D II - looking back at the files and results this was a really nice tool and did the job more than adequate - my A7R III is simply much better and my A7R IV will further raise the bar for achievable results.

I am completely with you - in fact it is self-revealing how many find individual reasons not to like something more advanced.

What's not to like at a more advanced tool?

( wether one has the financial resources to buy one or not is irrelevant for liking something )

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