New Olympus MFT 1.4 prime lenses?

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Re: New Olympus MFT 1.4 prime lenses?

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I can only rejoice at this news reporting Olympus patents for f1.4 lenses:

My wish list to make them unique in a crowded MFT lens market:

- much smaller/lighter than f1.2 series

Hopefully a little smaller and lighter. Much smaller and lighter is asking too much.

Why? The f/1.2 series is enormous.

1.4 is less than 1/2 stop less so how could they be much smaller?

By making them much simpler and sacrificing a bit of edge resolution. An f/1.4 double gauss design has intrinsically six elements. They get elaborated a bit to eight or nine. The Olympus f/1.2 has 17 elements, it is enormously complex for what it does. The result is edge to edge sharpness wide open, but the cases when you want edge to edge at f/1.2 (or f/1.4) are quite few, since unless you have a flat subject, and unless you put the main subject at the edge, DOF is miking the periphery blurred in any case at those f-numbers. So, I think that a simple, eight or nine element DG design at f/1.4 with good centre sharpness and edges that firm up after f/2.8 or so (which is when DG designs tend to get edge to edge) and was really rather small would be just great. Imagine the OM-1 50/1.4 made half size and you get an idea of what we're talking about.

Sounds good but the patent chart didn't look quite like that.

The 'patent chart' for what didn't look like what?

19 elements... not 17

Even more so, then.

I counted 13 elements on the patent chart. Looked awfully big and complicated but with those numbers it would be something in between.

What are you talking about here? As Glassoholic pointed out, I got the numbers for the Olympus f/1.2 wrong, I said 17, it has 19. Here it is:

When I count, I get 19, just as glassoholic suggests. What are you saying has 13? By contrast here is the Panasonic 25/1.4

Nine elements. Still a big lens. Here's the old Olympus OM 50/1.4

Classic 7 element DG design. A dinky little lens for what it was. Now imagine a half size one. This is 40mm for the lens flange, which is 86mm from the image plane.Half size would be 43mm, which would protrude 27mm from the mFT lens flange. That would be a usefully small lens.

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