New Olympus MFT 1.4 prime lenses?

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Re: New Olympus MFT 1.4 prime lenses?

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To bad Olympus can’t make a 75 or 100 1.4 at a reasonable weight then we would be talking..

Or Panasonic.

Voigtländer recently announced a new M mount 75mm f1.5. Close enough to f1.4. 350g, 58mm filters, 63.3mm L x 62.8mm dia., 12 aperture blades. Looks perfect for my needs.

Yes, I t would be nice to see a native 100mm or 105mm lens. Even better if it were a macro lens doing double-duty as a telephoto lens!

Voigtlander makes wonderful lenses since I own one myself but rarely use it because of no AF.

Use it more!

I have a bunch of Voigtländers… native M4/3, M mount and L39. My faves, without a doubt. They're all such a pleasure to use and the image quality is excellent!

As for the "lack" of AF, contemporary manual focus tools… magnified view. and to a lesser extent because of it's lack of accuracy, focus peaking… it's SO much easier, quicker and FAR more accurate than the purely visual tools of the past… It's just much more direct and just plain better! Manual focus is also much more conscious and deliberate than AF. YES, I use both.

Certainly, it's a matter of preference and taste, but for me, the payoff outweighs "convenience".

This lens is quite interesting since most of my work is in portraits and weddings .. putting aside the AF and that this lens needs an adapter for MFT cameras which is another all most $200.00.. have you used any of these lenses with an adapter and does it effect the performance....

$200 for a lens adaptor? Really? Why? For a SpeedBooster, sure.

I have a number of adapted Voigtländers: Color-Skopar 21mm f4 (M), Nokton Classic 35mm f1.4 (M) and 75mm f2.5 Color Heliar (L39). Also a Jupiter 8 (50mm f2, L39 mount). These and my native M4/3 Voigtländers are my favorite lenses. Great image quality, well made and a pleasure to work with. Very nice tools!

L to R: GX8 + 21mm f4, Jupiter 8, 35mm f1.4, 75mm f2.5

For adapting lenses, I use simple, inexpensive, dumb tube adaptors from Fotodiox. They're well made, fit snugly and are guaranteed to focus to infinity (they do that and a touch beyond). I've never had a problem with any of them and have 4 so far, one for each lens.

M mount adaptor, $20

L39 screw mount adaptor, $13

At some point I can see myself getting a FF camera (S-series GX8?, Z6 version 2? Sigma fp?) and a bunch of lens adaptors.

I bit the bullet and pre-ordered the 75mm f1.5. Shipping August 8th!

Thanks for info on cheaper adapters and not the ones sold by Voigtlander venders but wow a wedding would sure be tidious and almost impossible to get all those instant shots with all those MF lenses...

Weddings are pretty damn tedious.

But just think, there was a time where EVERY lens was manual focus, yet somehow people were able to produce lasting images. Even at weddings.

They didn’t spend time making work of it - quite the opposite. And they’d have snapped your fingers off if you offered then an autofocus capability.

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