Cont. My E10 just went I know why!

Started Oct 6, 2003 | Discussions thread
Tony Parsons New Member • Posts: 14
Re: Cont. My E10 just went I know why!

Roland Aalto wrote:

Hi again,

Contacted Olympus service here in sweden, but they can´t fix it
here since the service HQ i Europe is located in Portugal...ohhh

Also they indicated this might quite a costly operation, approx
500-700 Euro (close to 800 $Usd)...


If I was in your position and wanted to continue using an E10/20 I would look to buy a second hand or new camera from ebay or a supplier like . It would cost you less than the repair cost you have been quoted. I think the appearance of so manty new SLR cameras has given rise to a large number of low cost offers. Do you have some idea of how the pin was bent? it is likely that something like dirt or grit etc was on a card you inserted. This sort of thing is not a normal wear and tear failure I think.

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