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justmeMN wrote:

"It may not seem like it reading the popular photography Web sites, but do you know what the most popular camera/lens combos have been for quite some time now?

I'll wait for your answer...



It's 24mp APS-C with a kit lens, and by a large margin.

Why? Because it's "good enough" and far cheaper than a 61mp full frame camera and a high-end lens."

Thom Hogan, July 19, 2019

In the recent 2019 Audubon Photography Awards, one winning photo was taken with a Nikon D3300, and another with Canon EOS Rebel t7i.

This is no startling revelation, it's just a reality check in light of all the FF Worship going on.

Many photographers are sheep. An APSC camera with kit lens is their wool.

But it is the wolves that thrill us.

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