Selling the Fuji kit and go for a second DF..maybe ;)

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Selling the Fuji kit and go for a second DF..maybe ;)

Just had to ventilate. In another gear dilemma again. And whatever i choose i know i will have a great camera that i love using, i just try to optimize what i use to be honest, i have been going back and forth and try to change and trade gear for so long i have to start narrow it down to what i really need and want to keep.

I now own a D4 and a Df and several greta lenses for that kit. As well as a Fuji X-T3 plus 3 great lenses for that kit. I recently sold a Leica Q that i loved to get the Fuji kit because i felt i compromised too much just being out with the Q and still wanted something light so i thought the Fuji kit would fit that bill nicely.

And while i really like my Fuji gear, i find myself reaching fo my Df most of the time with my two favorite lenes there the 58G and the 105G. I shoot portraiture most of the time, but sometimes i need a camera for faster stuff and then i have the D4 or the Fuji camera for that.

For portraiture the Df and those two lenses gives me a look i just cannot get with the Fuji though, so sometimes i wonder if i would be more happy just selling the Fuji kit and only be in the native system i already have a great setup for, and maybe get another Df or a D850 to compliment. And if i get the Df i could afford another lens to that as well.

I heard several say stick with Fuji and sell all the Nikon gear, but i would miss it i feel if i got rid of it completely, would always feel like the IQ of my images were good, but not AS good as the Nikons would give me.

Also the X-T3 gives me the speed advantage in a smaller body, but the size advantage and weight is not that significant if you compare to the Df with a smaller lens. it actually feels less heavy than the X-T3 plus a 16mm for example.

But i DO feel i should go either way. Its just a very difficult choice as i loose money each time i upgrade or sell etc and trade for something else..

Any suggestions in this GAS ridden era we are in ;)?

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