23mm vs 16mm f1.4

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Re: 23mm vs 16mm f1.4

gordonkim wrote:

So I have the 23 1.4 and have been happy with it. However, after my recent vacation, I found myself regretting not getting the the 16mm. It also doesn't help when I read articles saying how great the 16 is.

Question - does it make sense to get the 16 if one already owns the 23? Will I get more utility with the 16 vs. the 23? I'm finding that I'm doing a lot more street and family outings given the smaller size of the X-T3. However, I look a lot of landscape pics on vacation (which is where I wished I had a wider lens).


The answer is easy. What do you want Your pictures to look like. The lens is just an extension of the two built in lenses you have and how You want to see the world on paper.

The lens does not matter at ALL!  F stop makes no difference if you want some depth to your image.  I prefer my photos to be in focus and most often subject matter is moving or there is some movement in the shot and you stop down anyway so I dont even care about a F 1.4 lens as a #1 need.

Personally I prefer a zoom lens for my wide angle use. IF it is a specialty need then I look at Primes.

I like between 28 mm and 50 mm but prefer 35 mm. In Fuji world that is 18 mm - 35 mm

I think the new 16-80 mm would be great for this.

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