Advice needed for a compact camera

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Guy Parsons
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DLBlack wrote:

Osa25 wrote:

DLBlack wrote:

If possible I would wait for a month or two and see what Olympus will be announcing. The few rumors about the upcoming E-M5.3 makes it seem that it might be closer to the E-M10 on size but with weather sealing and more like a E-M1.2 in performance.

If Olympus does this, and I doubt they’ll do it, they would also price it like it was built from hollowed out gold bars. 😀

Who knows if the rumors are going to be true. Most like some are true and some are not. All I stated is that if you can wait for a month or two I would and see what Olympus is going to release. It might be what the OP is looking for or not.


The random E-M5 Mk3 rumours look to me like the sort of controlled leak tests that companies do to discover where the leaks are coming from.

Why not wait until something real is announced? Meanwhile, go take photos.

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