Free Used Epson Stylus 9900 and 9800

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Re: Free Used Epson Stylus 9900 and 9800

jpatburke wrote:

My neighbor at work (Big Dig Graph Co) just tossed a few Wide format platters. Epson Stylus 9900 and 9800. These guys always throw out valuable stuff they just dont wont... So my question is should I see if they work and are worth repairing? I know vague question... Im capable of fixing anything but should i invest the 5-10 hours it might take to even find out? Im an artist and can make money with a photo quality plotter... Ill call them Monday and see if they have any info... Any info would help. Thanks.

They threw them away for a reason - it is much less expensive to buy a new printer than to pay for the repair when a machine stops functioning.

I have been through four Epson large format printers. 7800s, and 7890s. Epson charges almost as much for a new print head as for a complete new machine. That's the economy of large scale manufacture.

And it's never just the head that needs replacement. Service will find one or more circuit boards that need replacement. They even charge astronomical prices for just replacing the (non-rechargeable) battery on one of the boards. (That battery is never mentioned in any of the information about the printer. Not even in the user manuals. And when it fails - the machine must be partially disassembled and one of the boards extracted. It's an extended service call.

In every case, a dead 7890 would have cost $3000 to $4500 to service (technician time plus parts) with a minimum of a week of down time. Productive shops simply can't absorb the down time, let alone the price of bringing a used piece of gear up to spec. A new machine, shipped and up and running in 24 hrs was $2300 including shipping.

It's a simple business decision. Which one would you make?

If the discarded machines are not working, it could easily cost you as much as a new machine, if you can get the needed parts - in all probability a new print head. Epson has stopped making them available to anyone but Epson-partner authorized service/repair companies.


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