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Davi7d777 wrote:

I have a Dell XPS 15.6" 4k laptop, a Dell 4k UHD 24" monitor, and an old NEC 1080p 24" monitor. At 100% 4k display settings my older Photoshop CS6 window text and icons display less than functionally small so working on small image elements is awkward and tedious, especially noticing small artifacts. Thus tend to perform early post processing adjustments on the NEC with final image assessments on the Dell 15.6" and 24 inch monitors. Note the Dell laptop can magnify the display scale so text, icons, and controls are more easily used. Until I go up to about 225% PS CS6 is too small and otherwise for web use prefer 175% so that is a reason I use the NEC and don't bother to keep changing scale on the laptop.

Someone might add in what is the current state of Adobe PS CC display scalings.

I have the latest CC and for the most part there's no issue with scaling on 1080P/1440P/4K.

The control points on a tonal curve don't in LR are the only thing that hasn't scaled properly making it harder to edit especially when using a track pad.  So I'll do a lot of LR work at 1080P which is fine since it also helps with performance.  For PS I use 4k.

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