23mm vs 16mm f1.4

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Re: 23mm vs 16mm f1.4

I had 4 amazing primes and thought i could get by without the 23f1.4, but I couldn't. Too many missed shots because the 16f1.4 wasn't appropriate or the 35f1.4 was too narrow.

The 23f1.4 is my "groups of people" lens and it gets a fair amount of use.  Family shots around the dinner table, parties, team pictures...  I'll also use it if it's dry and I'm not sure what I'll encounter.  The 23f1.4 doesn't get the warm words that the 16f1.4 and 35f1.4 do - no mention of "cutting yourself it's so sharp" or "magic".  I'm not sure why.  It's a very good lens, cut from the same cloth as the other f1.4s.  The IQ is excellent.

My 16f1.4 gets more use, but it's not very kind to people in group shots, especially those around the edges of the frame.  It was my first and only lens for a while and if I had to buy them all over again, I'd start with the 16f1.4 again because it's the most versatile.

In a recent trip to Europe, I wanted to travel light so I took my 16f1.4, 23f1.4 and the 35f1.4 because it's so small.  I never ended up using the 35f1.4.   I used one for people and the other for things.

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