Canon M50 vs 80D natural and better green

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Re: Canon M50 vs 80D natural and better green

ravi pratap wrote:

Sir I agree totally but I have closely seen almost all 11600 odd pictures taken from m50 and barely 10 worth a closer and second look. Seeing the small form and lightweight I was keen to buy m50 but the image quality is far behind 80d. Since I am upgrading from 700d .. video is good on m50. But i am for still image. Thank you.

I have an M5, so I have never gone looking for photos from M50, but I am not sure I would agree with you.

Consider that the M50 with the quick poor 15-45mm kit lens is a significantly cheaper package, and thus (perhaps) bought more by relative amateurs than the 80D, which is more of an enthusiast camera, and often used with bigger and better (often L series) lens by photographers with more experience, which may also contribute to a slightly different standard of photography.

I have never owned a 80D, but rather a 70D when I got my M3, then M5, and then replaced the 70D with 6D ii. To be honest, I did not notice a significant difference in IQ with any of them. IMO almost any modern camera is capable of producing very high quality images (with the right lenses & settings), and often (certainly in my case) the weakest link is the person behind the viewfinder.

Yes, there are subtle differences in raw colour output etc as a result of different Digic versions (the sensor on 80D, M5, M6, M50 etc is essentially the same), but IMO they are not significant.

I think that saying that the M50 IQ is "far behind" 80D IQ is possibly over-playing it, but if that is your opinion, then you are certainly better off with a 80D, which undoubtedly a better and more capable camera - more for it's ergonomics and feature set than IQ IMO.


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