Latest sensor developments from Sony semi-conductor division

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Re: Fujifilm uses Sony sensors

Ed B wrote

When it comes to the sensors Fuji puts in their different model cameras, it would be stupid to say Fuji has never used a Sony sensor but no one actually knows what company makes the majority of Fuji sensors and there could easily be more models with a basic Toshiba sensor as there could be a Sony sensor.

The majority of people on this forum will say "Fuji cameras use Sony sensor" but that's only a popular opinion and not based on fact. It's a broad statement that has some truth but is far from the whole story.

So are you saying that the XT3 sensor isn't the IMX571 and the GFX100 isn't the IMX461 as has been widely reported?

Future sensors could be made by a number of different players in the market however Sony is leading the race in mirrorless camera sensors by a mile right now so unless Samsung is the one providing it, Sony is nearly a lock for the next generation at least.

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