Deleting orphaned raw files

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Re: Deleting orphaned raw files

woodturner wrote:

I had a disappointing trip to an airshow on Saturday, mostly low grey cloud, very little no sun or blue sky.

As a result I have a large folder of Raw + Jpeg, mostly of dull grey planes against a dull grey sky. Some are keepers but not many.

So, review the JPEGS, pick the keepers/ones worth working in detail on and delete the rest.

Thus left with a folder with a few JPEGS, and many orphaned RAW I don't want.

How to simply delete the orphaned raw??

Seems to have been a topic around 6 years ago, not anything since. some people wrote some programming to do it, but these seem to be batch files which require a higher level of competence than I have. There was a 2013 program called photoutility aimed precisely at the issue, but I have spent several hours struggling and cannot get it to work for me.

Is there something very simple out there that just looks to see if the raws have a matching JPEG, and deleted them if not?

When I shoot jpeg and RAW they have the same file name and only the file extension is different. How I do this is:-

- jpegs and RAWs in the same folder;

- look at the folder in Detail view;

- sort by Name then by Date;

All the files will be in chronological order with each jpeg being next to its corresponding RAW. It is easy to see a sequential batch of RAWs with no jpeg, and all you do is select that batch and press delete. (Unless I am missing something or not understanding)

This is on a Windows PC.

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