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Are you aware of the FOUR Custom Setting & FOUR Shooting Banks?

Re: Suggestion for D850 custom controls

I do own D800, NOT own a D850 but the four banks are practically identical in D8XX series. Default names are A, B, C, and D.

After you customized the settings, save those settings in the memory card(s). I saved the settings in my computer and also copy that file on every memory card I use on D800. If you accidentally or purposely made changes on one or more banks but decided to revert to those settings, simply re-load the settings from the memory card. I think the file size is about 200k. Saving & Loading Setting are via SETUP MENU.

CAVEAT: Any changes you make to your customized setting will alter the setting for the ACTIVE shooting mode.


I customized each bank to suit my preferences and renamed each as follows:
A = Action, B = Bust (as bust shot in portrait) , C = sCenic and D= Default for my general photography. You could of course use whatever name you prefer for the settings dedicated to your purpose. I created a spreadsheet of my settings, unfortunately, DPR does not allow Excel file upload.


Steve Perry (NOT the original Frontman of the Journey) has several videos tutorials, practically exclusive to Nikon DSLR. Here is a link to his video "Secrets To Stunning Wildlife Photography"

From this video, you will find many other tutorials on Nikon Secrets, Tricks and Tips.

TAM63 wrote:

I have been looking through the manuals, wondering if there is something I'm missing re. an easy way to do what I am trying to accomplish.

I shoot a lot of wildlife, generally with a heavy lens. So my left hand is generally on the lens.

I most often shoot manual with auto-ISO, highlights weighted metering, using +/- as needed. Obviously I change that sometimes as needed, but that is what I use most frequently.

So far, I have the following controls set up:

Camera custom controls:
AF-ON = AF-ON, group
PV = AF-ON, single point
FN1 = AE lock, reset on release

MB-D18 custom controls:
FN + dials = +/-
AF-ON = AF-ON, single point

The above allows me to shoot action (I like group) using my thumb, or use single point as desired for still subjects. Usually if I'm in portrait mode (using the grip) its not action, so I'm trying that at single point for the time being.

I need to play with this, but I am wondering if my AE lock, reset on release should not include reset on release - I presume I'd just have to hit the button again to turn this off?

What I'd like to be able to do easily, in either landscape or portrait orientation, is to have spot metering and AE lock. Of course I can change the metering mode, but that needs my left hand and isn't quick.

I wish I could set one button, or 2 that I can reach easily to lock the exposure on the point that I select (in landscape or portrait). And then I might recompose, then focus and shoot.

Any ideas?

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