G85 lens bundle vs. GX85 bundle

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Re: G85 lens bundle vs. GX85 bundle

Richrf wrote:

Thanks everyone for your additional comments and assistance.

I decided to go with the G85. I decided if I didn't like the 45-200, I'll sell it on eBay and get a prime which I do want. But I'm hoping the 45-200 is good enough. Thanks again! Up

My experience with the 45-200 on the G85 was that it could be very good with close subjects, while using it to zoom in on distant subjects generally made its flaws obvious. Purple fringing can also be an issue in some circumstances. (I've since upgraded to the 100-300.)

There is debate on the size of it... to some it's terribly huge, to others it's pretty compact for its reach. I think your perception here depends on your experience, if any, with other long zooms. In any case, whichever side you take, there's no denying that there are smaller zooms in this category even if they don't go all the way to 200.

Curious to read your impressions once it arrives!

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