G85 lens bundle vs. GX85 bundle

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Re: G85 lens bundle vs. GX85 bundle

alcelc wrote:

I have the 12~32 and 45~150 which are my current travel setup. 45~200 mk-I which has similar optical IQ as mk-II is sitting idol in my auto dry cabinet.

IMHO 12~32 and 45~150 are among the best of their class (kit zoom lens) and as read, 12~60 has similar IQ to 12~32.

Regarding 45~200, except for the 50 longer reaching vs 45~150 (not significant in telephoto land), it is larger and heavier, and has to stop down to f/7.1~8 for better result matching with what 45~150 can produce wide open (i.e. slowest f/5.6). A reason I replaced 45~200 by 45~150.

So, for the 2 sets of lenses, 12~60 has more versatile zoom range than 12~32, but 45~150 IMHO is an easier lens to use than 45~200.

If you mind to swap lenses often, 12~60 is a better choice. Otherwise 12~32 + 45~150 is alright (a reason to use ILC instead of fixed lens camera).

If you are size and weight sensitive (otherwise why use the compromise M43?), 12~32 + 45~150 is the better option.

However, I also wish you to know GX85, which is only an upper entry to mid range model. G85 is a higher spec mid range line of products. They are very different models for different application. If you need a Swiss pocket knife sort of camera, GX85 is a good option. It is very capable, can be used for many general shooting in a reasonable size. But not WR, ergonomically not very good, no Mic input for serious video, lack of certain AF fine tuning etc making G85 is for more serious shooting.

I won't make my decision upon the kit lenses. In grey market, 12~32 is a sub US$100 lens and 45~150 is around US$130~150 only. If you de-kit one lens like 45~200 for one of another package, the trade in cost can compensate majority cost of replacement. IMHO better look for which body rather than the lenses coming with them.

Thanks much for your advice. Really appreciate it!

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