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Re: Aesthetic reasons

"Unreal" refers to the fact that, as opposed to film photography (one could also include traditional painting), in digital media, there´s no original, nothing one could hold in one´s hands, like a slide, negative, a piece of canvas with painting on it, etc.

Digital media is immaterial, the "original" image simply a collection of data, and once this data is copied, the copy is indistinguishable from the original.

Since I deal with digital media every day I´ve accepted this fact and am no longer bothered by it, but whenever I consciously contemplate it I´m always amazed how calmly we are riding over very thin ice and don´t seem to be bothered in the least.

Since when do we have electric energy? 150 - 200 years maybe? Imagine some event which would throw us back to a world w/o electric energy. Every single digital image or file of any sort would cease to exist at once, and never come back. After 10-20 years digital prints will deteriorate, and that´s it. Digital media will by then have become a memory, nothing more.

Considering what huge apparatus is necessary before digital images become even visible (electric power plants, gigantic powerline systems and miles after miles of cable, computers, screens and displays, printers, etc... etc....), I feel there´s got to be something in digital imagery to compensate a) for the immateriality of the medium, and b) for the efforts to install a gigantic system of technical equipment necessary before the first light emanating from a digital image even reaches our eyes.

So, digital imagery better be worth it by going beyond what "traditional" imagery is able to provide. Which is why I´m looking for ways in which digital images can provided some sort of additional benefit (if that is the right word - aesthetic impressions can be such additional benefit, it doesn´t have to be hands-on, real world benefits only). Resolution, trivial as it may seem at first glance, is one such way to go beyond traditional media, beyond what our eyes are capable of perceiving. Certainly not the only on, but one which I find fascinating.

DejayRezme wrote:

hjs_koeln wrote:

Not sure how others feel about it, but to me it´s not only more resolution, from a certain increase on it´s "more resolution plus X". Going from full HD in video to 4k introduces another quality alltogether, and in still photography it is similar.

There´s something fascinating about a tool which allows to exceed the capabilities of the human eye, and resolution is an area where this has become possible (bearing in mind of course that visual physiology is a totally different process than photography).

Digital imagery is immaterial, intangible and therefore elusive, which is kind of a mental stumbling block. There is no original, no ultimate source, b/c copy = original. This sense of digital images being unreal can be compensated by introducing qualities into the digital medium which would not be available otherwise. Again, resolution is one such way, and through it digital photography becomes a tool to reach or create this quality of reality, unobtainable otherwise.

If the immateriality of an image is the price I have to pay to reach this "other" dimension of reality, and if a particular camera is the suitable tool to take me there, I´m willing to go that way.

In this sense, for my taste anyways it can never be enough. A 100mp A7r V, and a 150mp A7r VI? Yes, please!

DejayRezme wrote:

If you think about the bayer filtering basically the color gets interpolated but you still loose some resolution in the color.

So basically you need 40mp sensor to fully resolve on a 4k screen with full color resolution and oversampling (avoiding moire / aliasing or filtering).

That has got to make in impact for certain images? So even if you "just" want the perfect picture on a 4k 8.2MP monitor you need at least 40mp in 3:2. 62mp is the first that allows some zooming and cropping while maintaining the highest quality.

Sony acknowledges this with their "bayer cancelling" multishot mode.

I'm a newbie and I'm not saying it's needed, but to me there seem to be technical reasons for wanting to have that resolution.

Mentioning video resolution was just an analogy. A large jump in resolution, whether in video or in still photography, introduces in my view something else besides just more megapixels.

I think it's a good example or benchmark for this "hyperrealism". I love 4k video. But 4k video looks much better if you downsample from 8k and things like only 8bit, 4:2:0 low color resolution or low bitrates really show in my opinion. Video compression (and jpeg compression too) limits what videos and pictures we see on our monitors.

I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean with introducing an "unreal dimension to reality" - but I think I do. I'm interested in shooting 4k macro videos and also macro photogrammetry to create 3D models out of unseen things.

And of course playing with color. That's why I was really hoping for a A7R IV that oversamples the full sensor and outputs 10 bit 4:2:2 at high bitrate down to "perfect" 4k. Basically downsampling 8k video to 4k.

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