Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

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Re: Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

Jacques Cornell wrote:

PWPhotography wrote:

Besides all advantages others have said, also for future when there is bigger and higher-resolution monitors or if you want to print very large.

At this moment I don't really need 61mp as I view photos basically exclusively in iMac 5K, and only occasionally print upto 30x20". But believe Apple will release an iMac 8K in two years and I might need to print very large in future.

What's "very large"? Murals? I have a great-looking 20"x30" print made from an 11MP Canon 1Ds RAW file. Today's 42MP files are capable of much bigger prints than this.

Yeah, printing is very subjective on materials, size, viewing distance, illuminating condition etc.  And personally I rarely print.

I have many photos from 10mp 1D III, OK 10 years ago but really small when viewing in iMac 5K. Hope it had 24 or more pixels then.

Nevertheless I can see the difference between 42mp A7r III/II, 24mp A9, A7 II and 21mp 5DII, 22mp 5D III in iMac 5K screen clearly.  I virtually view all photos in screens not on prints.   At this moment 61mp only has a very slight advantage when viewing in 5K screen but will gain more in 8K screen, waiting for future iMac 8K (hope a full 8K not cinematic 8K).

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