What exactly does "reading the light" mean?

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A couple of examples from some experienced/talented photographers

You've had some very good replies in this thread so far.

Let me add a couple of YouTube clips that show practical examples of photographers reading and working with the light.

First jump to 11:00 minutes in this one where a landscape photographer anticipates what is going to happen shortly with the light and suggest to his class to sort out their composition well in advance and wait for the light to happen...

Next is a wedding photographer that's very good at reading the light for creating the mood and look of his photos. It's very interesting that he actually looks for the good light first rather than just going for picturesque location...

In my personal opinion, understanding and working with the light (rather than working against the light for what you want to achieve) is 100 times more important than a lot of the nonsense that gets talked about in these forums that would have a thread hit the 150 post limit in under 24 hours. Unfortunately threads like this that try to discuss the importance of the properties of light mostly go unnoticed.

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