New Olympus MFT 1.4 prime lenses?

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Re: New Olympus MFT 1.4 prime lenses?

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I can only rejoice at this news reporting Olympus patents for f1.4 lenses:

My wish list to make them unique in a crowded MFT lens market:

- much smaller/lighter than f1.2 series

Hopefully a little smaller and lighter. Much smaller and lighter is asking too much.

Why? The f/1.2 series is enormous.

1.4 is less than 1/2 stop less so how could they be much smaller?

By making them much simpler and sacrificing a bit of edge resolution. An f/1.4 double gauss design has intrinsically six elements. They get elaborated a bit to eight or nine. The Olympus f/1.2 has 17 elements, it is enormously complex for what it does. The result is edge to edge sharpness wide open, but the cases when you want edge to edge at f/1.2 (or f/1.4) are quite few, since unless you have a flat subject, and unless you put the main subject at the edge, DOF is miking the periphery blurred in any case at those f-numbers. So, I think that a simple, eight or nine element DG design at f/1.4 with good centre sharpness and edges that firm up after f/2.8 or so (which is when DG designs tend to get edge to edge) and was really rather small would be just great. Imagine the OM-1 50/1.4 made half size and you get an idea of what we're talking about.

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