EM 1 mk II with 300 f4 + MC 14 HH HR Part II experiment.

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sanjaykool Senior Member • Posts: 1,034
EM 1 mk II with 300 f4 + MC 14 HH HR Part II experiment.

But this HHHR gives slightly different freedom from EMix HHHR but requires stacking in PS , if I have understood EM 1X HHHR correctly.

1) shutter speed if possible above 1/100 to finish actual shooting earlier. But even slower can help.

2) Frame high with setting of highest 1/60 so camera does not try to refocus in entire sequence camera does it in first shot.

3) Now processing 8 to 12 raws in PS script > load images take number of images you wish.

> Allign images

> next stack.this step in PS.

4) using fastest card possible,

5) Use small burst of about 12 to 20 raw. Release button and take another sequence, enough buffer is there to complete next shot, no waiting,

6) Standard PP no NR, as if single shot.

What do you think ?

- Sanjay

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