Storing photos in micro SD card?

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Re: Storing photos in micro SD card?

DanLbk wrote:

Not a Fuji gear related question, but... my laptop has 256 GB of storage, which is quickly running out. It happens to have an in-body micro SD card reader, which gave me the clever idea of affixing a permanent micro SD card into my laptop, i.e. inserting a card and just leaving it there, and storing all my photos on the SD card instead to free up the laptop hard drive.

Does anyone have experience with this? Do you recommend it, given the risks? What are the alternatives? I already thought of a portable hard drive but it sounds cumbersome since I regularly access my photos.

To be frank, even though, in theory, you could use an SD card as your secondary storage, I wouldn't really recommend. Please check for either an External HDD (e.g. WD Mybook,  Samsung T5 SSD etc. In my opinion the failure rate of Seagate is too high) or cloud storage.

Regarding the latter, if you are worried about data privacy, there are several end to end encrypted providers, meaning NO ONE has access to your data without a specific (your private) "encryption" key.

If you need more advice regarding the above, please let me know.

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