What keeps pigment ink on paper

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Re: What keeps pigment ink on paper

mike earussi wrote:

Alexey wrote:

Does that mean that if I print on paper that is not microporous, (say, regular printer paper), more of the pigment will fall off once dry? If I handle the pictures once in a while, is it likely that considerable amount of the dye will be worn off or fall off the surface in, say 100 years?

What do you mean by regular printer paper? All inkjet paper today has the microporous coating on it. If it's not made for inkjet printing then it has no coating and the print will look washed out, dull and unsharp and the ink may rub off (but it won't just fall off).

Depends on the printer. Generally, printing on regular paper doesn't dry as quickly and may smudge for several minutes after printing. Ink is a mixture of water and a glycol. They both soak into inkjet paper fairly quickly. Nearly instantly. You can even run water over it right after printing and it won't run.  Not so much on regular paper and it can take some minutes to dry depending on the printer. But regular paper makes pretty awful prints with really bad DMax and washed out colors. If you want to print on regular paper get a dye printer.

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