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DSLR calibration needed for heat change ?

In ANOTHER TREAD i mention that DSLRs can be calibrated properly once and still later, need to be adjusted again due to changes in the atmosphere. It's commonly disputed, bc many people feel if they don't know about something it must not exist.

For you Kung Fu, HERE is an article i found with about 15 seconds of google searching. The article covers many forms of calibration, as well as why it's needed ect. Take note of the portion down far on the article named CALIBRATION IS A CONTINUOUS PROCESS, which says the following:

Whether you like it or not, autofocus precision of your cameras and lenses can change overtime. There are many different factors that could influence precision – everything from drastic changes in temperatures, to physical abuse and normal wear and tear. Some people take it very seriously and perform calibration as often as a few times per month. I personally do it a couple of times before and during the wedding season, to make sure that the gear works as expected. The goal of my tests is to make sure that the gear I use operates normally. If I see any drastic changes in autofocus behavior and AF adjustment does not work consistently anymore, I contact Nikon and send my gear in for repair. Yes, this process is rather painful and can get costly, but it is worth it, because our clients get the very best quality work from us.

You said in the other thread you went from AC to a humid 98 degrees and found no change. All i can say is maybe you don't notice small details like focus placement, just bc you didn't notice doesn't mean it's not real. I have read many other sources explaining the same changes from heat and humidity.

Like i said in the other thread, it's a complicated issue bc some people don't take their DSLRs from one extreme to the other and so they calibrate once and it's always working well. Others do the same and see inconsistencies and don't know why.

Not trying to be mean calling you out Kung Fu, it's just that many people deny the atmosphere matters and that's just not true.

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