Advice needed for a compact camera

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Re: Advice needed for a compact camera

R00kiePh0t0 wrote:

Dear photographers,

I am in the market for a compact camera. After some hefty research I narrowed it down that I want a compact (pocket) camera with interchangable lenses and a viewfinder. I am going on travels soon (F1 in Hungary and Asia general and Bali/Lombok later in the year) and I just want a small camera that I can grow into.

Cool, just got back from a few days in Budapest! Great city!

In my search I always kept hearing about GM1 and GM5. I love the design and the size of it. However, it seems it is not made anymore and finding it is near impossible. A funny side note is that anyone that has one or wants one sounds like a cultist chanting GM1 and GM5 over and over.

My question to you and if you are willing, would anyone be able to advise me which camera even comes close to what I want. There are so many camera's in 2019 that I cannot see the forest beyond the trees.

There's the GX85 and GX9, neither would anyone consider a "big" camera. They're not as small as the GM5, but not that much bigger. AND both are more capable than the GM5. With both, the EVF is MUCH better and both have IBIS, which can be helpful in some situations.

The thing to remember is that once you mount a lens, none of them are that small any more!

Left to Right: GX9, GX85, GM5

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